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Innovating History – A Facebook Timeline of SR&ED


Reinventing the wheel (well, sort of).

We’ve talked about history on SREDucation before, but never like this. In this week’s post, we reveal our new SR&ED Facebook Timeline.

Context for Your Claim

The new Timeline provides not only a history of the SR&ED program, but also a history of R&D tax incentives in Canada. R&D incentives have taken different forms over the past 45 years, ranging from direct grants provided by the Industrial Research and Development Incentives Act (IRDIA) in 1967, to the tax credits issued through the contemporary SR&ED program.  Learning the history will not only help you understand the motivation for program changes, it will provide context for your claim.

We’ve also included a number of Tax Court of Canada (TCC) rulings which directly relate to the SR&ED incentives.  Although many of these cases were reviewed more than a decade ago, they are still cited and were used as a precedent to construct the current SR&ED guidelines.  We’ve covered some of these cases in the past, and familiarizing yourself with the various historical rulings can reveal ways of presenting evidence to ensure that your current SR&ED claim is as strong as possible.

Timeline Highlights

– Searchable, easy-to-use  learning tool summarizing over 60 years of history!

– Links to historical documents such as studies of R&D tax incentives, Federal Economic Action Plans, and the Jenkins Report

– Changing legal precedent over time – links to Tax Court of Canada (TCC) cases to ensure you know more than just policy – know the law!


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