The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED

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The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED

(…also known as the most comprehensive, interactive resource and guide to SR&ED.)

This interactive website contains detailed information and step-by-step instructions to help you navigate the complex world of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit—an incredibly generous incentive program that gives out upwards of $3.1 billion per year to innovative Canadian companies.

Our team of SR&ED experts regularly updates the content here to ensure that it is up to date, reflecting any recent developments in the program. We have created the most comprehensive interactive resource about SR&ED in Canada—to help you receive the full refund you qualify for with the least amount of hassle. 

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What’s in the Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED? 

The following is a list of the information you will have access to with your membership:

R&D Manager
SR&ED Master
Step-By-Step Application Guide
  • A plain-language, step-by-step application guide suitable for startups and first-time claimants.
    - Better understand the basics of SR&ED:
    - - How long claims take.
    - - What forms are required.
    - - Unique insights and information on the SR&ED program from an ex-CRA, SR&ED program employee!
    - Learn what documentation works and how to keep it correctly.
    - Learn when to file your SR&ED claim.
    - Learn what projects are likely to be eligible for SR&ED.
    - Get unique insights on how to write a technical narrative (Part 2 of the T661 form) for a successful SR&ED claim:
    - - What key information should be included.
    - - What is a technological objective?
    - - What is your knowledge base?
    - - What is an "advancement"?
    - Learn what costs should be included.

  • We take you through the entire T661 form step-by-step, with exclusive T661 examples!
Success from Day One: Documentation, Processes, and More
  • A how-to guide for proper documentation and setting up company processes to make the SR&ED process simpler from the start.
Useful Tools & Templates
  • Explanations of forms, SR&ED templates, and information on different software that is available to help you manage projects, track time, and perform SR&ED work as efficiently as possible.
Audits and Reviews: Avoiding Reductions to Your Claim
  • Don’t lose thousands! An explanation of how to respond in the event of an audit or review, including insider information on your rights as a taxpayer and how to interact with the CRA. Use this information to work with the CRA towards a positive resolution.
    - We take you through the entire review process:
    - - How long a review takes.
    - - Non-technical Reviews.
    - - General Reviews.
    - - Specialist Reviews.
    - - Financial Reviews.
    - - What you should do if you disagree with the CRA's decision.
    - - The dispute resolution process, including the appeals branch, tax court, federal court and supreme court processes!
    - - Benefits to lawyers and SR&ED consultants when SR&ED claims are reviewed.
    - Links to key CRA documents.
Advanced Writing Tips
  • Advice for advanced writers, including a list of "red flag" words that could cost you thousands.
Legal Rulings Database
  • A database of over 200 court cases that have affected SR&ED since the inception of the program.
Complimentary "No Sales" Training
  • Provides the Member an opportunity to receive training via videoconference or email with a SR&ED expert.
One hour
Three hours
Five hours

Interested in mastering SR&ED?

We have several levels that are perfect for SR&ED neophytes through SR&ED industry veterans.

Membership Levels

  • Entrepreneur. This membership includes a step-by-step application walkthrough with writing tips.
  • Most Popular!  R&D Manager. Our most popular membership, this includes all of the above, plus insight on how to handle a CRA review, collect key documentation, and ideas on how to organize company processes for SR&ED success.
  • SR&ED Master. This membership includes all of the above, plus advanced SR&ED writing tips (incl. words to avoid) and our exhaustive database of rulings on SR&ED that is updated regularly. Stop trying to find insights on the forums – the information you require is at your fingertips.



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