SR&ED Service Providers – SR&ED Financing

SR&ED is a complex program and it helps to have expert guidance. This list includes SR&ED financing firms who are recognized experts in SR&ED. Be sure to let them know you were referred by us!

SR&ED financing can help even out your cash flow throughout the year.  SR&ED financing companies provide cash based on your projected SR&ED investment tax credits (ITCs) and are paid back by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when you receive your SR&ED ITCs.

SR&ED Financing

c/o Andrew Kareckas
Telephone: 647.273.2751

c/o Garron Helman
Toronto & Vancouver
Telephone: 647-951-4826
Toll Free: 1-833-386-3632

Royal Bank of Canada – Technology & Advanced Industries
c/o Zach Gaunce
Telephone: 613-564-4373

Finalta Capital
c/o David Leblanc
Telephone: 514-360-0722