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SR&ED Consulting and Training: The InGenuity Group

Our team of SR&ED Experts has been involved with the SR&ED program since 1986. If you are looking for an alternative to paying 20-30% of your refund and want to take control of your innovation processes (including SR&ED), we’re the group for you.

The InGenuity Group provides a wide range of options for those seeking an SR&ED consultant.

SR&ED Claim Preparation (Turn-Key)

Are you looking you interested in someone writing your claim and filling out the forms? The InGenuity Group prepares your claim and required forms from start to finish.

  • Identify projects which meet the requirements of the SR&ED program.
  • Conduct technical interviews & write technical narratives
  • Collect information on SR&ED eligible expenses & prepare the relevant tax schedules.
  • Prepare and support your team in the event of a review.

SR&ED Consulting (On-Demand)

Looking for assistance, but just a light touch? We provide on-demand hourly consulting to those wishing to prepare their SR&ED claims in-house. This can include:

  • Provide templates to assist in writing the technical narrative.
  • Editing technical narratives and providing feedback.
  • Assisting in identifying eligible expenses and preparing financial documents.
  • Guidance on documentation best-practices

SR&ED Training

Tired of trying to figure out how to complete the forms, but don’t want to engage with a consultant? We can provide no-pressure training that will help your team recognize, document, and communicate SR&ED.  Common topics include:

  • Foundations of SR&ED Technical Policies
  • SR&ED Review Techniques
  • Basics of SR&ED Financial Policies & Forms
  • Advanced SR&ED Financial Concepts & Troubleshooting

SR&ED Pre-File Reviews

Do you need a final set of eyes prior to filing, or require a hand editing your text to best convey your work? We provide assistance on an as-needed basis for those who do not require a full-service consultant.

SR&ED Second Opinion

Not comfortable with the information you’re receiving either from the CRA or a consultant? We can provide discrete, honest feedback on your application and help guide you to the right solution.

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