2021 Influential Businesswoman Awards

On October 19, 2021, Acquisition International announced the winners of the 2021 International Businesswoman Awards. This is an honour awarded to businesswomen worldwide who are innovative in their respective fields and also strive to empower women in business, promoting equal opportunities in primarily male-dominated fields.

The International Businesswoman Awards are hosted by Acquisition International1. The process begins with a nomination via the magazine’s subscribers, online visitors, clients, social media followers, and wider circulation. Once the nomination is formally accepted by the nominee, they can submit material for more supporting evidence. Lastly, there is a team of researchers who examine the material provided as well as gather information independently from public sources. All of these resources are assessed for client dedication, online reputation, business growth, client feedback, longevity, innovation, and business performance.2

After a year filled with uncertainty, it is a privilege to share that SR&ED Education and Resources’ founder Elizabeth Lance has been awarded this honour.

In 2008, Elizabeth co-founded The InGenuity Group, contributing as a technical writer for the business. Eleven years later, she took over the company after the retirement of her co-founder, becoming the Managing Director.  In 2011, after seeing the need for a high-quality educational resource regarding the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program, she created SR&ED Education and Resources.

Recognizing that there are few females in the research field, and even fewer specializing in such consulting services, Elizabeth gives the focus of her hires not only to women but to military spouses, as she understands first-hand how difficult it can be to have a career you can take with you during frequent military moves.

The Acquisition International 2021 International Businesswoman Awards asked Elizabeth what advice she would give to future nominees:

See where your competitors fall short and then work to see how you can fix these shortcomings. Be adaptable – if something does not work, scrap it, or adapt it. Most importantly, demonstrate your excellence and expertise publicly and clients will find you – writing so much about the program in a public forum meant that clients always found me.3

The InGenuity Group and SR&ED Education and Resources are proud of Elizabeth and her well-deserved award. If you would like a chance to see how Elizabeth can help your business please fill out a contact form.

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