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SR&ED Policy Review Public Information Sessions (2010)

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Updates to SR&ED Program

At SREDucation, we’re taking the time to document all of the changes that have occurred to the SR&ED program over the years. In our “From the Archives” series, you’ll be able to see how the program has evolved since its inception in 1986. For a timeline of these events, check out the SR&ED Tax Credit page on Facebook. Stay current with the program by understanding the historical context. 


On Dec. 24, 2010, the Federal government announced public question and answer sessions as it neared the end of its SR&ED Policy Review Project. The goal of the project was to enhance reports (particularly those published on the web) to make SR&ED policy more understandable to SR&ED applicants.

First announced in 2008 in the Federal budget, the government said there would be opportunities for SR&ED claimants and public consultations to see if its policies regarding SR&ED are understandable. No effective changes would accompany the wording of its policies, however.

SR&ED Sessions

“As part of the public consultations of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Policy Review Project, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will be conducting public information sessions at tax services offices across the country to provide an overview of the project and answer your questions,” the notice stated.

“These one-hour sessions will be incorporated into our Free Public Information Seminars, except for the sessions in Laval and Montreal which will have a separate free one-hour session on the project.”

Participating centres held the meetings in early 2011. The locations were Hamilton, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax, Laval, and Quebec City.

SR&ED Policy Changes in 2012

“The project will help to make the program more accessible, particularly for small businesses, and to reduce the administrative burden on SR&ED claimants,” the government stated in a related document.

“As the SR&ED Policy Review Project is being done in a transparent way, we have decided to conduct public consultations to ensure that different perspectives and ideas are considered and that the final presentation of the SR&ED policy information meets the expectations of SR&ED claimants and other stakeholders.”

This article is based on a Government of Canada news release issued at the time: SR&ED Policy Review Project – Public General Information Sessions.


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