FluoroTech: Stories of Survival from Canada’s Tech Innovators - CATA Series

FluoroTech: Stories of Survival from Canada’s Tech Innovators – CATA Series

Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) recently began a series on “Stories of Survival from Canada’s Tech Innovators” and the first corporation they featured is FluroTech. 

The article can be found here: FluoroTech: Stories of Survival from Canada’s Tech Innovators.

New CATA Series

The series highlights tech companies who are directly affected by COVID-19 and who would benefit from the support of the proposed program CATA has been advocating since the beginning of the pandemic.  The proposed Resilience Rebound Emergency (RRE) Program is designed to give tech companies more government assistance in light of COVID-19 and the issues the pandemic has injected.  These companies are trying to cope, survive, and thrive in the era of COVID-19.  

The series starts with FluroTech, a company that has found a way to apply its R&D work to directly help COVID-19 testing.  This is a story of flexing to meet the demands brought on by this pandemic and finding a way to continue their scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) work.

We’re looking forward to more articles in this series and learning about the innovation and survival skills these tech companies are showing.  The article on FluroTech can be found here.  FluroTech can also be found on their company website here. More on their proposed program can be found on our post-CATA Proposes Resilience Rebound Emergency (RRE) Program or by visiting their website directly.

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