1) Who are you and what makes you SR&ED experts?

We know this program from both sides. As applicants, as consultants, and as CRA reviewers.

In the industry for 25 years!In the early 1980s through to mid-2000s, Gilbert Lance worked with the Canada Revenue Agency as a Research and Technology Advisor (RTA).  In that time, he reviewed hundreds of SR&ED applications per year, cumulatively reviewing and visiting thousands of companies. After retirement, he spent some time working with Big 4 firms running national training seminars; however, he decided to take a more educational—and personal—approach to working with SR&ED-eligible companies. In 2007, he co-founded The InGenuity Group® with his daughter, Elizabeth Lance.

SR&ED Maven
Elizabeth Lance, MA

As a second-generation SR&ED enthusiast, Elizabeth has an unparalleled passion and insight into the program. She has won multiple awards related to her work, including the prestigious Forty Under 40 award. Elizabeth approaches the program with an academic lens and has written extensively about the program policies. In 2011, she created the SR&ED Education and Resources website after recognizing the need for high-quality information about the program (instead of marketing materials). Elizabeth holds a Master of Arts (University of Toronto) and Master of Applied Science – Technology Innovation Management (Carleton University).

2) Why do you have this blog & guide?

We love SR&ED.  This is our way of giving back to the community and helping to support innovation. It’s a chance to discuss and extoll some of the interesting points of the program and provide simple tips and tricks others can use. We’ve systematized the information we’ve learned and packaged it into the Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED

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