Roundup: SR&ED Consultant Salaries

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SR&ED Consultant Salaries
Looking at the books: what typical SR&ED Consultant Salaries?

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) claimants often wonder — and rightfully so — about how much of their claim return goes into the pockets of SR&ED consultants. Furthermore, claimants are also curious about the annual salary of consultants, be they technical writers, file managers, etc.

This week, we’ve rounded up five SR&ED consultant job postings to compare average salary amounts in this sector.

DisclaimersIt should be noted that these salaries reflect various experience levels and job descriptions. Furthermore, these salaries do not necessarily reflect SR&ED consultant salaries on a larger scale. Lastly, these job postings/salaries are accessible online as of December 26, 2014, but hyperlinks or postings may eventually expire.

SR&ED Consultant Salaries on

  1. Senior SR&ED Management Consultant @ Alma Consulting Group (Quebec)
    Salary = $77k/year
  2. Manager, Senior SR&ED Technology Advisor @ PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC)
    Salary = $92k/year
  3. Senior SR&ED Consultant @ BDO Canada
    Salary = $48k/year

(Source: SR&ED Salaries, accessed Dec. 2014 –

SR&ED Job Postings/Salaries on Additional Job Websites

  1.  SR&ED Consultant / Technical Writer in Ontario (posting no longer available as of April 2013)
    Salary = $55-70k/year
  2. SR&ED Technical (IT) Senior Manager in British Columbia (posting no longer available as of May 2014)
    Salary = $120-170k/year

Final Thoughts and Further Reading

By averaging the five salaries listed above (including the mean value of salaries listed as a range i.e. $55k-70k = $62.5k/year), the SR&ED consultants in these specific job postings would have an average annual salary of roughly $85k. However, despite there being a number of listings for positions at SR&ED consultant firms, very few postings listed salary amounts — most were commensurate with experience and qualifications.

If you’re looking for more information and analysis about what SR&ED consultants charge for their services and about general attitudes regarding SR&ED consultants and contingency-based fees for SR&ED claim preparation, please see the following posts: Department of Finance SR&ED Consultant Study: Follow-Up and Analysis and How Much do SR&ED Consultants Charge? (Key Questions and Comparisons).

 Make sure your SR&ED consultant is giving you a fair rate for claim preparation.

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