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CRA SR&ED public policy consultation

SR&ED Policy Public Consultation – Voice Your Opinion

Phase 3 of the CRA’s SR&ED policy review project is now open and the CRA is accepting public consultations. Don’t miss the chance to voice your opinions on the direction of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program. The following draft documents have been posted for feedback on the CRA Web site:

Public Consultations – Assistance and Contract Payments Policy (Draft)

Public Consultations – Contract Expenditures for SR&ED Performed on Behalf of a Claimant Policy (Draft)

Public Consultations – Policy on the Eligibility of Work for SR&ED Investment Tax Credits (Draft)

Public Consultations – SR&ED Overhead and Other Expenditures Policy (Draft)

Public Consultations – Prescribed Proxy Amount (PPA) Policy (Draft)

Public Consultations – Traditional and Proxy Methods Policy (Draft)

Make sure to check back with SREDucation.ca in the coming days to read our SR&ED expert’s opinions about these draft policies.

Have questions about SR&ED policies under review? Contact a professional.

This article is presented only for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. You should retain legal counsel if you require legal advice regarding your individual situation.

Do you have questions about SR&ED? Leave a note below or join our group on LinkedIn.

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