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Elizabeth Lance, MA, MASc


SR&ED Policy Consultant – Ottawa Forty Under 40 award recipient (2013)

SR&ED Champion of the Year – Acquisition International Influential Businesswoman Award (2021)

“I recently worked with InGenuity Group and I was blown away by their exceptional service. Their team’s knowledge, responsiveness, and guidance were top-notch. They provided expert solutions tailored to my needs and were always there to address any questions or concerns promptly. I highly recommend Ingenuity Group for their outstanding support, knowledge and professionalism. Thank you for an amazing experience!” – Maryam

“Great experience with Elizabeth and her team. I found the tools, feedback and insight very valuable when preparing my SR&ED documents. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing help with this process.” – Guarav

“The service, knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Elizabeth Lance at The InGenuity Group.” – Mirana

“My company worked with the InGenuity Group on a SRED application recently. Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and clearly has the depth of experience required. She is also willing to patiently share that expertise and guided us through the entire process to a successful conclusion. We will work with her again.” – Tim

“Elizabeth is an active SR&ED champion. She is dedicated, well-informed and always on top of on-going regulatory changes in the SR&ED program.” –  Nirma

“My SR&ED tax file was due on the exact day of my wedding. I was a bit nervous about the deadline. Just before my departure to Mexico, Elizabeth told me: “everything will be well taken care of here”. It really was. […] It went through without any issues and I had my refund in a matter of weeks. Thanks to her, I had a worry free wedding!” – Pierre-Olivier

“Elizabeth is a dynamic individual who really understands the needs of her clients. She has worked diligently on assigned files, meet tight deadlines and has a thorough understanding of the CRA SR&ED programme and claim process.” – Eldon

It’s like buying insurance for your SR&ED claim. Our first SR&ED application was reviewed, assessed and approved without revision or questions in less than 60 days. I know this is a direct result of Elizabeth and her team of SR&ED experts.” – Dan

“My only regret about Elizabeth is that I didn’t meet her sooner. [She] has tackled some tough R&D write-ups for my company and Elizabeth lead these projects to success.” – Jay

“Elizabeth is brilliant.  Not only is she terribly well informed about all aspects of SR&ED, […]  I also received my refund within 35 days […]. She is smart, personable, well informed and superior at what she does. If you want to do a SR&ED claim you want to go with the best. And that’s Elizabeth!” – Jennifer

“Elizabeth possesses a rare combination of passion, drive, and discernment. She is extremely knowledgeable about government funding and tax credit programs and was instrumental in helping us to prepare our SR&ED claims. […] I can always expect a high level of professionalism and attention to detail when working with her.” – Emad

“Working with […] Elizabeth has been one of the best business decision I took. Companies who are involved in R&D know that the tax credit reporting process can be painful, time-consuming, frustrating and complex. Elizabeth has this natural talent to ease that process through her deep sense of organization, to make it faster and to deliver a final report of high quality in a cost effective way. I believe that [she] will be one day the leader in this very competitive field and that Elizabeth’s work, commitment and entrepreneurship spirit will be instrumental that success.” –  Edouard

“As a small business owner I was overwhelmed with the help we received from Elizabeth in relation to SR&ED forms. She knows everything and bends over backwards to help. The copious feedback and guidance were much appreciated!” – S. D.

“As a startup Elizabeth helped us tremendously by providing a review of our government grant (SRED) submission. [She] is an expert in SRED – she knows the rules and regulations like no one else I’ve ever met, and was extremely helpful in helping us write our submission. I’d highly recommend [her] for any company looking to hire a SRED expert.” – Mike

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In the industry for 25 years!
Gilbert Lance, MSc

SR&ED RTA (1986-2005)

“I have interacted and worked with Gil since 2004, when he was an Auditor for the CRA’s SR&ED program. I have always been impressed with Gil’s wide grasp of technologies and appreciation for key aspects of our company’s development projects as they relate to the SR&ED program. Gil is a very honest, straightforward and personable individual.” – Dave

“As a senior executive of a software development firm, I experienced Gil’s skills and knowledge with the SR&ED ITC program personally, and over a number of years. Gil is like a ‘professor’ of SR&ED. He knows it inside and out, keeps up on trends and changes, and has always been able to provide sage and knowledgeable guidance to successful claims content and processes. Gil Lance is a person of high integrity, and I can recommend him without hesitation or qualification.” – Terry

“Gil is as good as it gets as a SRED advisor.” – Sonny

“Gil has been a valuable resource in assisting us with our SRED claims. His knowledge of [SR&ED] supersedes the expectations with his in-depth understanding of the process from both inside and out. Gil takes the time to understand your company’s processes and how it relates to the claim process. I highly recommend Gil and the rest of his team when completing and submitting SRED claims.” – Dan

“Gilbert’s mastery of the SR&ED program, scrupulous note taking and ability to provide balanced presentations to people of all ranks was impressive.” – Nirma

Ready to access honest, plain-language information about SR&ED?



Elizabeth Lance

Elizabeth is known as the "SR&ED Maven" in the industry. With a love of documentation and the nuances of language, she is often engaged by multi-million dollar companies to help improve documentation and workflow processes. Her favourite sentence (which she hears regularly) is "Accepted as Filed". Find out more about her on LinkedIn.

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