SR&ED Small Business Action Plan (Revised Nov. 2008)

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SR&ED Small Business Action Plan (Revised Nov. 2008)

At SREDucation, we’re taking the time to document all of the changes that have occurred to the SR&ED program over the years. In our “From the Archives” series, you’ll be able to see how the program has evolved since its inception in 1986.

As noted in several of our SR&ED articles published on this site, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has performed various consultations on different topics related to the SR&ED program. One of these topics related to the Small Business Action Plan.  As of the last update done to the Small Business Action Plan in November 2008, all items that had been identified by a collaborative team – comprised of internal CRA stakeholders, SR&ED claimants and the CRA’s Action Task Force – had been completed.  While the main focus was to streamline and simplify the claim process, the CRA also committed to providing various supporting documentation to assist claimants.

Small Business Action Plan Objectives

At the inception of the Action Plan, the CRA had established four distinct objectives, each of which contains various actions to facilitate the overall SR&ED claim process from both the CRA and the claimant’s perspectives.  The main objectives identified were:

  1. “Ensuring public awareness of the SR&ED program and services;
  2. Making our SR&ED publications easier to understand;
  3. Improving accessibility to the SR&ED pages on the CRA Web site;
  4. Introducing a simplified SR&ED claim form and an eligibility self-assessment tool”. (1)

As of November 2008, the CRA deemed all four objectives were complete.  See the complete list of action items and the links to each here.

Source 10/15/2012

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