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Updated CRA Policy – Financial Claim Review Manual

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Updated Financial Review Documents Released - March 11, 2013
Updated Financial Claim Review Manual Released – March 11, 2013

On March 11, 2013, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) released an updated version of one of their policy documents.  While the Claim Review Manual (previously discussed here) focuses on the overall process of reviewing a given SR&ED claim, the new Financial Claim Review Manual focuses on the internal processes at the CRA.  Unfortunately, as with the original release of the Claim Review Manual, the public version is severed and does not contain specific information regarding risk metrics that the CRA uses.  The purpose of the manual is to establish a set of procedures for the financial reviewers to perform financial reviews of SR&ED claims.  The intent of these procedures is to enhance the consistency and quality of financial review of all claims across Canada.

A copy of the Manual can be found here.

We will be reviewing the document in the upcoming weeks.  Look forward to an in depth review of the manual which focuses on any significant changes to policy or focus at the CRA, coming soon!  Please check our site for further updates to this and other policies.

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