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CRA Launches New Pre-Claim Consultation [June 29, 2016]


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CRA Launches Pre-Claim Consultation service.

New CRA Pre-Claim Consultation [June 29, 2016]

Responding to complaints from Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) wanting more predictable and consistent decisions, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) has launched a new service that will give consultation to determine eligibility for potential claimants. The new service will replace the Pre-Claim Project Review and the Account Executive services. Furthermore, the Pre-Claim Consultation service will be free and on-demand.

The CRA seems to be working hard to improve the tools that it provides to SR&ED users. Two years ago they released their Self-Assessment and Learning Tool (SALT) and even updated this tool last month.

Information and links to the services are provided in more detail below:

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program stakeholders have asked for more predictability, in a more consistent way, across Canada. Accordingly, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has revamped the SR&ED Program’s suite of services. The CRA no longer offers the Pre-Claim Project Review and the Account Executive services, but has introduced a new service that potential claimants can use to find out whether their work qualifies for SR&ED tax incentives before they file an SR&ED claim.

The Pre-Claim Consultation is a free, on-demand service that tells businesses whether their work is eligible for SR&EDtax credits. This corresponds to Step 1 of the Eligibility of Work for SR&ED Investment Tax Credits Policy which answers this question: is there an SR&ED project?

To find out how to ask for a pre-claim consultation, go to the Pre-Claim Consultation webpage.

Also, stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the Pre-Claim Review pilot project. The Pre-Claim Review is intended to provide assurance to claimants that the CRA will accept their entire claim as filed.

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