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SR&ED Information in SR&ED Guide

Launching a revamped version of our Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED


We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at SR&ED Education and Resources, polishing our in-depth guide to provide more SR&ED information. The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED has been updated to reflect changes to program policy, recent SR&ED-related legal rulings, and the most current program eligibility information.

We launched the Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED in 2013 after realizing that there was a severe lack of accessible, educational resources for SR&ED applicants. The majority of the information available on the web was either sales-based content from consultants selling their services or the complex, disjointed Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guide documents. We wanted to create something that was user-friendly, pointed potential applicants towards critical information, and that didn’t leave SR&ED applicants with more questions than answers.

SREDucation SR&ED guide

SR&ED Information Designed With SR&ED Applicants In Mind

The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED is the only plain-language, how-to guide for the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program ever written. The goal of this manual is to simplify the SR&ED application process as much as possible. It provides accessible, straightforward information on topics ranging from commonly used terms to best documentation practices, advanced writing tips, and more.

SRED Information
Preview of content in the Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED

The team behind SR&ED Education and Resources are educators at heart, which means we’ve deliberately offered information in The Guide in a number of different formats – text, flowcharts, infographics, etc., to cater to various learning styles. The image above is a preview of a helpful visual chart included in the Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED

Find the Right Membership Level for Your SR&ED Needs

Just as people have different learning styles, we know that current and prospective SR&ED applicants require different depths of information when it comes to filing an SR&ED claim. That’s why we’ve created three membership options for applicants at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of experience with the SR&ED program:

  • Entrepreneur
    • Ideal for: New applicants who are relatively new to or unfamiliar with the SR&ED program.
    • Content Summary: Includes a step-by-step application walkthrough with writing tips.
  • R&D Manager Most Popular! 
    •  Ideal for: Internal SR&ED Managers, applicants who have applied to the program at least once before.
    • Content Summary: Includes all of the above, plus insight on how to handle a CRA review, collect key documentation, and ideas on how to organize company processes for SR&ED success.
  • SR&ED Master
    • Ideal for: External SR&ED Consultants, applicants who have applied to the program multiple times in the past. Also suitable for those undergoing a difficult SR&ED review.
    • Content Summary: Includes all of the above, plus advanced SR&ED writing tips (incl. words to avoid) and our exhaustive database of rulings on SR&ED that is regularly updated.


R&D Manager
SR&ED Master
Step-By-Step Application Guide
  • A plain-language, step-by-step application guide suitable for startups and first-time claimants.
    - Better understand the basics of SR&ED:
    - - How long claims take.
    - - What forms are required.
    - - Unique insights and information on the SR&ED program from an ex-CRA, SR&ED program employee!
    - Learn what documentation works and how to keep it correctly.
    - Learn when to file your SR&ED claim.
    - Learn what projects are likely to be eligible for SR&ED.
    - Get unique insights on how to write a technical narrative (Part 2 of the T661 form) for a successful SR&ED claim:
    - - What key information should be included.
    - - What is a technological objective?
    - - What is your knowledge base?
    - - What is an "advancement"?
    - Learn what costs should be included.

  • We take you through the entire T661 form step-by-step, with exclusive T661 examples!
Success from Day One: Documentation, Processes, and More
  • A how-to guide for proper documentation and setting up company processes to make the SR&ED process simpler from the start.
Useful Tools & Templates
  • Explanations of forms, SR&ED templates, and information on different software that is available to help you manage projects, track time, and perform SR&ED work as efficiently as possible.
Audits and Reviews: Avoiding Reductions to Your Claim
  • Don’t lose thousands! An explanation of how to respond in the event of an audit or review, including insider information on your rights as a taxpayer and how to interact with the CRA. Use this information to work with the CRA towards a positive resolution.
    - We take you through the entire review process:
    - - How long a review takes.
    - - Non-technical Reviews.
    - - General Reviews.
    - - Specialist Reviews.
    - - Financial Reviews.
    - - What you should do if you disagree with the CRA's decision.
    - - The dispute resolution process, including the appeals branch, tax court, federal court and supreme court processes!
    - - Benefits to lawyers and SR&ED consultants when SR&ED claims are reviewed.
    - Links to key CRA documents.
Advanced Writing Tips
  • Advice for advanced writers, including a list of "red flag" words that could cost you thousands.
Legal Rulings Database
  • A database of over 200 court cases that have affected SR&ED since the inception of the program.
Complimentary "No Sales" Training
  • Provides the Member an opportunity to receive training via videoconference or email with a SR&ED expert.
One hour
Three hours
Five hours

More SR&ED Information and Resources

More resources are often added to the Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED so subscribe to find more out about SR&ED. Subscribers will also either receive early or discounted access to a series of templates, podcasts, and training tools.

Stop trying to find insights on the forums – the information you require is just a few clicks away. If you take your investment in research and development seriously, ensure you protect it. Knowledge about SR&ED is critical to your success.


SREDucation SR&ED guide


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